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Our Political Campaign Tools

Welcome to our one-stop shop for building your political campaign. Here you will find all of the tools necessary to run a winning political campaign. Click on the links below to get started.

Robo Calls

  • Robo calls are automated telephone calls (typically 30 seconds in length) that take your pre-recorded message directly to voters’ phones.
  • Robo calls are the least expensive and most targeted form of voter contact.
  • Here is an example: MP3

Political Survey

  • Polling captures the mood of the electorate.
  • A survey will tell you where you stand in the race, the issues voters care about most, and how to craft your winning message.
  • Here is an example: MP3

Live Phone Banking

  • These calls allow you to communicate your message directly to voters using live operators.
  • You can place live identification calls to identify your supporters; live persuasion calls to your supporters’ undecided/swing and live GOTV calls to ensure your voters come out on Election Day.

Facebook Targeting

  • Get your message out directly to voters affordably via state-of-the-art Facebook advertising.
  • Because you set your own budget, Facebook is the cheapest available form of advertising, and it helps candidates everywhere win elections. What are you waiting for?

Voter Lists & Emails

  • Get a list of your voters with phone numbers and addresses.
  • You can also purchase email addresses so you can reach out to voters directly — and do it cost effectively.

Signs, Mailers & Flyers

  • Get your name and message out through printed materials and into the hands of voters.
  • This includes lawn signs, posters, direct mailers, palm cards, and door hangers.
  • We supply great looking templates, and you simply add your customized text and photos.

Campaign Consulting

  • Purchase professional political campaign consulting on an hourly basis.
  • Campaign consulting services include; field, fundraising, messaging, developing a campaign plan, budget, and voter contact strategy.


  • Our Peer-to-Peer texting platform allows you to reach voters directly — and immediately — on their phones.
  • Send them your message, your mailers, your flyers, or even an absentee ballot application.


Hear what our customers have to say.

Mark Schwager

“Thank you to the Political Campaign Superstore for your help in getting out a last minute Robo Call on an important referendum on our Town’s ballot on Election Day. Your team was knowledgeable, very helpful, and got us what we needed. Thank you!”

East Greenwich Town Council, East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Jose Sigala

“In the closing days of my campaign I wanted to send out a text message to likely voters. The Political Campaign Superstore helped me send text messages quickly and affordably. I appreciate their help and support in getting the word out – and helping me get reelected!”

Tulare, CA Mayor

Mark Lowery

“I was hesitant to use a Phone Banking company that I simply found through an internet search, but working with the Political Campaign Superstore was a great experience. They were detail oriented – going further than I expected by adding in phonetic pronunciations for my name and sending me a detailed summary of the calling they did for my race. I certainly plan on using their services again!”

State Representative, Arkansas

Kenneth Batiste

“We needed to get the message out about our race quickly and the Political Campaign Superstore immediately activated their phone bank for us and helped us communicate our message to voters. The Political Campaign Superstore were very helpful to work with and we recommend bringing them into your campaign.”

Stu Osnow

“I have used the Political Campaign Superstore for several years and their work has always been top notch. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Political Consultant

Liz Welsh

“The Political Campaign Superstore has become my go-to for direct contact services for the campaigns I’ve worked on over the last two election cycles. From acquiring targeted voter lists to broadcasting messages through their phone bank services, they are quick and super easy to work with. I consider The Political Campaign Superstore a trusted partner and would highly recommend them to anyone (that is, anyone other than my opponents!)”

Political Consultant

Luca Rallis

“I used the polling service of the Political Campaign Superstore to get a read on the race and they delivered. They were fast, provided great customer service, and got me what I needed. When I joined another race, I suggested we use their services again and I am so glad we did! They did an excellent job.”

Campaign Consultant

Haraz Ghanbari

“I turned to the Political Campaign Superstore when my prior vendor couldn’t get my important election work completed on time. The Campaign Superstore got it done properly and quickly and then I came back a second time for something else they helped me with. You can count on the Campaign Superstore!”

Ohio State Representative
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