Robo Call Examples and Recording

Robo Call Examples and Recording

View some examples below of effective robo calls and how to record them.

General Call


Hi this is Betty McDowell, and I am running for first selectman. The education of our children can no longer continue to be underfunded. As first selectman, I will cut waste, fraud and abuse from our town’s budget and redirect those funds to making class sizes smaller and upgrading the technology in our local schools. I hope I can count on your support on Election Day. It’s time to put our children first. This is Betty McDowell, and I am running for first selectman. Thank you.

I am Democrat Marc Adams running for Nassau County executive. I am running so we can clean up the corrupt property tax system that harms middle class families and seniors living on fixed incomes. Nassau’s working families pay far too much in property taxes and that must end. I am hoping you will support my campaign in the Democratic primary so I, Democrat Marc Adams, can fight corruption and lower your property taxes.  Thank you.

Endorsement Call

Hello, this is James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and Family Talk radio. I have decided to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States, not only because of my great concern about Hillary Clinton, but also because I believe Mr. Trump is the most capable candidate to lead the United States of America in this complicated hour. I am also very enthusiastic about the selection of Governor Mike Pence as Mr. Trump’s running mate. Together, I believe they will make America great again. Please join me in support of the Trump/Pence ticket on Election Day. Thank you!

GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Call 1:

Good evening, this is Mitt Romney. I am calling to ask for your vote on Election Day so we can end Barack Obama’s reign of out-of-control spending. Simply put, his programs are placing our country’s future at risk. As president, I will cut taxes to get businesses hiring again so we can rebuild America’s great middle class, which has been absolutely clobbered by this president. Please make sure you vote — I need your vote and I need your support.

GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Call 2:

Good evening, this is Bill Clinton calling. I am asking you to come out and vote Tuesday to make Hillary our next president. Your vote will make us stronger together. You know it because Hillary’s spent a lifetime doing it. Those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows tend to care more about our children and grandchildren. The reason you should elect her is that in the greatest country on earth we have always been about tomorrow. Your children and grandchildren will bless you forever if you do. Thank you and remember to vote on Tuesday.

How do I make a high-quality recording?

You should record your message in a quiet location without a lot of background noise. Voters will be less likely to listen to a message that’s full of static or traffic noises. The best and easiest way to get clear, crisp sound quality is to record your message as a voice memo file on your cellphone and send that to us. We have tried every system imaginable, and robo calls recorded on cellphones are usually so clear that voters can mistake them for a live conversation!   See the links below for further help:

How to record a message on the iPhone